WordPress local hosting for Mac, Win & Linux

Secure. Fast. Free!

Getting started with Lokl

  • Install Docker
  • Copy and paste this one line to your terminal:
sh <(curl -sSl https://lokl.dev/go)
  • Follow the simple wizard to set your site’s name
-> Create new Lokl WordPress site
Choose a name for your new Lokl WordPress site. 
Type your site name, then the Enter key:

-> portfolio-site
Done! Access your Lokl WordPress site at:                                                                

That’s it! Your site is ready.

You can access your new Lokl WordPress site using the address shown.

WordPress is already installed, so you can start fresh or import and existing site to enjoy the speed and security of running WordPress on your own computer.

Run 1 site? 1,000 – it scales!

Use the same simple process to add extra sites. After the first site, each additional one takes only seconds to launch!

Best in class deployment options

Lokl comes bundled with all the leading WordPress Static Site Generator plugins included. Easily deploy your site to the fastest edge caches on the internet, such as Cloudflare and AWS CloudFront.

Lokl comes ready with a curated selection of site performance optimization plugins for you.

Safely backup your site(s)

Use our simple guided script to take snapshots of your whole site or use your preferred WordPress backup plugin.

100% Open Source

Lokl is a free, open source WordPress local hosting environment for macOS, Windows and Linux, created by Leon Stafford. All code is available on GitHub and contributions are welcome!